Vic & Barby Ulmer
Photograph by Kathy De La Torre

Vic and Barby Ulmer are the founders and co-directors ofour developing world(odw).

Both former teachers, Vic taught English at Fremont High School in Sunnyvale and Barby taught English as a second language to adults. They incorporated four developing world(odw) in 1982 and have dedicated their lives to raising awareness of Third World countries´ struggles and successes. They believe to enhance the quality of life there is to experience it here. To foster peace we must end racism, and emphasize that, although every culture has features that make it unique, all have much in common.

Originally from Denver, Vic met Barby, a San Francisco native, while they were washing dishes together at a UC Berkeley choral group function. They were married in 1954 and have been assembling their extensive collection of artifacts ever since. They have two children, two grand-children, and two grand-dogs.

"In the United States, we don´t grow up trying to walk in other people´s shoes, trying to see the world from a perspective that´s not just ours, and I think we´d have a better world if we could". -Barby Ulmer

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